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Research Flow Management System Features

Our Research Flow Management System are ready to use system which are available for both SaaS and Customized solutions. This is web based solutions and there are multiple role for employee of your research team.

Key advantage:

  • HospiDigial Research Flow Management System is web based multi location, multi user and cross functional system for the digitalization of your research operation.
  • Information added in one department is available to next department / level as per work flow.
  • Various useful reports are available.
  • This system can be further customized as per your need.
  • Can work in any resolution of PC, Laptop, Tablet and mobile browsers.

HospiDigial Research Flow Management System key features

Configuration Management
  1. Function Management.
  2. Function administrator Assignment.
  3. City Management.
  4. Project Category.
  5. 9 Box Category.
  6. Employee Management
Workflow Management
  1. Workflow Template creation and management.
  2. Make Copy of Template.
  3. Add various stages in Workflow Template .
  4. Check Post for each stage
  5. Approval of each stage based on template setting and default approval list.
  6. 9 Box Questions for each stage of Workflow Template.
Project Team
  1. Create Project
  2. Choose Workflow Template
  3. Assign Team Members
  4. Project relates check post, Gate Keeper and Gate Questions – 9 box setting
  5. Activate Project
  6. Upload Check post documents for stage wise
  7. Change Check Post status to checked or Visit Back
  8. Add / Manage 9 Box Remarks
  9. Send Message to Project Team
  10. Send project to Gate Review
  11. Mark project Completed
Workflow approval
  1. Different approval for each stage of project
  2. The summary of projects and quick links to go the related pages.
  3. Show list of project direction activity pending list for you along with stage number.
  4. Color code is used to specify if project is on time or late and which stage it is out of total stages.
  5. View project Document List
  6. View project View 9 Box Remark
  7. Three options Go, Hold and Kill are available as option to give project direction